The Wolverine Skiing Event 6-7.3.2015




Ahmanhiihto takes place in the scenery of Ahmovaara, Kopravaara, Koli and Räsävaara and the height differences at the area vary between 80-280m which makes the track with it's ups and downs demanding and sufficiently challenging.


You can sign up in advance for Ahmanhiihto by paying the participation fee to the organization's bank account. It's also possible to sign up on site on the day of event.


You find further information from the section " Registration fees".


Ahmanhiihto is now also in Facebook!


Heavy snow woods, hill tops and lakeside create a fantastic settings for the trip. Hundreds of Ahmanhiihto participants gather on track every year. Ahmanhiihto spirit catches easily on campfire stations, tracks and service points.